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Classification methods for fire extinguishers


There are a number of fire extinguisher classifications, which are internationally recognized. Depending on the type of fire a specific fire extinguisher class will be more suitable.  

In Europe there are six recognized fire classes, which also determine the classes of the fire extinguishers. Each fire class covers a different type of burning material, such as wood, paper, oils, etc.

The six fire classes are as follows:

·         Class A fires involve organic solids such as paper and wood.

·         Class B fires involve flammable or combustible liquids, including petrol, grease, and oil.

·         Class C fires involve flammable gases.

·         Class D fires involve combustible metals.

·         Class E fires involve electrical equipment/appliances.

·         Class F fires involve cooking fat and oil.


Depending on the fire class it extinguishes the color of the fire extinguisher varies. Mostly fire extinguishers are painted red, with a circle of a second color, containing information about the contents. This additional information can cover between 5 to10% of the entire surface of the body of the extinguisher.  

The accepted color classification for fire extinguishers in Europe is as follows:



Color code

Suitable for fire class



Signal red





Red with a cream panel above the operating instructions




Dry powder


Red with a blue panel above the operating instructions







Carbon dioxide, CO2


Red with a black panel above the operating instructions






Wet chemical


Red with a canary yellow panel above the operating instructions





Class D powder


Red with a blue panel above the operating instructions





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