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Fire Extinguishers


Fire extinguishers 


Fire Extinguishers are widely spread and commonly used for the suppression of small fires. 
We offer our customers powder, water and foam fire extinguishers.

The labeling on the fire extinguishers is in correlation with the type of burning material, on which it will be used.

Depending if the fire occurs on cloth, wooden or metal surfaces, or it involves flammable liquids and electrical wiring the right type of extinguisher should be chosen. In the case a wrong type of extinguisher is used, the situation can get much worse.


About company


Since its establishment in 1996 thanks to successful company management DYAYAN Ltd gained significant market shares in the fire fighting business. The company has its own production plant, warehouses and an auto fleet for fast and reliable transportation. To ensure quality products and services we closely observe and follow the requirements of the European standards. DYAYAN Ltd. constantly develops its sales network to reach more customers and partners in the global market.