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Water Fire Extinguishers


Water extinguishers contain ordinary water, which is pressurized with air.

Water extinguishers are suitable for Class A fires involving wood, paper and cloth.

They should never be used to extinguish fires caused by flammable liquids, due to dager of spreading the fire even further.

Also, the water is extremely ineffective, even dangerous in fires involving electrical appliances and machinery.

Technical Detais:

Steel Body
moisturiser DimiLex AFFF
Working Preassure - 14 bars (+20°С)
Test pressure - 25 bars
  Working temperature 0°С до +60°С
Portable Water Fire Extinguishers

About company


Since its establishment in 1996 thanks to successful company management DYAYAN Ltd gained significant market shares in the fire fighting business. The company has its own production plant, warehouses and an auto fleet for fast and reliable transportation. To ensure quality products and services we closely observe and follow the requirements of the European standards. DYAYAN Ltd. constantly develops its sales network to reach more customers and partners in the global market.